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Products- 120 Wagon Drill
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Technical Specifications of BEAVER 120 WAGON DRILL:

Capacity of drilling
Dia 4 1/2"  (115 mm)to a depth of 125 ft. (26 Mts.)  under favourable drilling conditions.
Type of Drilling
DTH Method
Drill Rod Size
3" dia (76 mm dia)
Suitable to handle 5 ft. or 5 ft. (1.5 mts.)
Pull up Force
2200 kg
Pull up Speed
15 mts./min
Maximum Rotation Speed
0 to 50 rpm
Maximum Torque
1125 Nm
Propulsion Speed
0 to 1.5 kmph
Height of the mast raised
3600 mm
Height of the mast lowered
900 mm
Mast lateral swivel
+/- 15 deg
1800 mm
Note: Due to the continuous development, all the above specifications are subject to change